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Brooklin Private Tutoring & Enrichment

Kim Davies is a licensed Elementary Teacher and Registered Early Childhood Educator working as a Private Tutor in the village of Brooklin (located in Whitby, Ontario). Working in the privacy and comfort of your home, Kim offers professionally individualized program planning and tutoring services for your child. Whether they are gifted and need more challenging work and enrichment or need extra assistance in understanding concepts taught at school, Kim can help!

About Kim Davies

Kim Davies and her family live, work and go to school/daycare in Brooklin. Kim is passionate about the community of Brooklin, Whitby and the Durham region. For more than 8 years, she has been working as a private tutor because she enjoys working one-on-one with students and making personal connections with them and their families.

Kim is a friendly, punctual and organized Elementary Teacher and a Registered Early Childhood Educator, who is currently working part-time with the Durham District School Board. Kim is proudly licensed with the Ontario College of Teachers and she is registered in “Good Standing” with the College of Early Childhood Education. Kim is certified in TRIBES Conflict Resolution Training for Leadership and Teamwork and has been awarded “The Mentoring Award of Excellence” from George Brown College for being an “Extremely talented and exceptional Teacher”.

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Connecting With Students

Kim Davies has been professionally working with children for the past 15 years and strives to help students foster a love for learning, make continual progress, build self-confidence and be academically successful. As a teacher, she excels at connecting the required ministry curriculum to individual student’s personal interests to make learning fun, meaningful and relevant. Kim motivates her students to learn by creating developmentally appropriate and individualized program planning that inspires them to utilize their strengths to help them with their challenges. Kim is skilled at establishing positive, respectful and responsive relationships with her students that enable them to work well together and achieve their learning goals.

Kim Davies has a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Education degree and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education.


Kim’s services are unique as she comes to the comfort of your home to provide consistent, individualized, pre-planned, one-on-one tutoring services for your child.

What also sets Kim apart from other private tutors, is that she is an Early Childhood Educator. She teaches with specific learning strategies that utilize Multiple Intelligences and teaches to the “whole” child, using developmentally appropriate activities, hands-on manipulatives and learning tools.

After an initial meeting, an informal diagnostic assessment and discussion with parents/guardians, an individualized program plan will be created to suit your child’s specific learning needs, styles and developmental ability.

*Services are available all year long for Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1 to Grade 6.

Depending on each student’s individualized needs, Kim’s services are provided in one, some or all the areas listed below.


• Preschool & Kindergarten • Language & Math readiness skills • Remedial Help • EQAO preparation • Study notes for Tests


• Reading Comprehension skills • Reading, Writing and Spelling skills • Oral Presentation and Communication skills • Enrichment in Language


• Mathematical Problem Solving and Critical Thinking skills • Enrichment in Mathematics

Consider Kim if your child needs assistance with the following:

One-on-One Help

Schoolwork & Homework

Grades 3 & 6 EQAO Preparation

Remedial Tutoring

Preventing Summer Learning Loss

Specialized Educational Enrichment


“Kim, you are truly a wonderful teacher. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for our daughter Adriana. At the end of a long week, having you at our home on Friday evenings for a few hours was a pleasure over the past three years. It was amazing to see our daughter`s progress week by week. Our daughter loves you so much and she has learned a lot from you. Not only academic skills, but also good manners and values. Reading, writing, spelling, math and all other subjects were fun to learn and never boring for her because of your great teaching and coaching skills. You have an excellent way of teaching your students. You connect with them with your kind and caring heart and plant the seeds of love for learning in their hearts. You are not only an amazing teacher, but you are a great role model for children of any age. We always felt blessed to have you for our daughter’s tutor over the years.”

“We are delighted to express our praise for Kim Davies in her tutoring business. She worked with three of our sons from 2012-2016. She came weekly to our home and had an individualized academic program for each child. Each boy had a list of books they read with her, and a binder full of book reports and stories they wrote under her guidance. She is especially skilled in teaching writing and helped our boys understand the importance of the writing process, idea generation, first drafts and editing the final version. Kim supported our boys to learn that diligent, careful effort always pays off. Indeed, our boys entered short story contests for years and their entries won multiple times. In a busy household such as ours, it was a tremendous benefit to have Kim cheerfully and punctually arrive at our home every week without having to drive to outside tutoring facilities. We recommend Kim without reservation.”


Kim is currently booking Private Enrichment sessions for preschoolers during the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Private Tutoring and Enrichment for school age children is currently full. Please contact Kim if you would like to get on the waiting list.

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